Meet your social mates!

Hello there!

We are Amanda, Clement, Daphne, Tay Lin and Yoke Ling! Together we are your social mates and you can learn more about each of us under the  About Us tab!

We have decided to use WordPress as our blogging platform because it is intuitive and provides readily-connectable widgets to all social media outlets. The huge range of themes available are also aesthetically-pleasing and easy-to-navigate. In addition, there is no need for prior design or coding knowledge to maintain the account.

As for the name of our blog, we decided to incorporate the number 8 – our group number – in a witty manner. A noteworthy option was theeightcitingeight – a play on the title of Quentin Tarrantino’s latest film, The Hateful Eight. We also flirted with thegr8gatsby after Fitzgerald’s novel but realised that none of our articles was ever going to be successful enough to have Leonardo Dicaprio star in a movie adaptation.

Eventually, we decided on yoursocialm8 (Your Social Mate) as it encompasses what we stand for. m8 is a play on the word “mate” and a commonly-used abbreviation on social media sites. yoursocialm8 is our companion to NM4881A, housing our discussions on topics in social media, and we hope it can be yours too. Its name represents an interaction between the module’s concepts and our constructive application.

Our expected takeaways

  • To gain a better understanding of social media and its challenges in the realm of public relations, advertising, and journalism
  • To learn how to integrate social media effectively in communication campaigns
  • To understand factors that determine the level of public attention and engagement a social issue gets and apply it to social media accordingly to advocate for social change for other issues
  • To better understand the management and use of social media in crisis management
  • To discover more effective ways of assessing social media ROI and engagement in the different phases of a campaign

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