Using Social Media to Tackle Workplace Ageism in Singapore



Our group has chosen the topic of workplace ageism in Singapore. We have noticed that there are very few social media strategies in Singapore that target at enhancing positive attitudes towards older workers.

Through the use social media as a medium, our group aims to reach out to young working adults to bring about social change. Facebook and YouTube are our chosen social media platforms.

Social media measures to be tracked:
Facebook – likes for the page, shares, emoticons (sentiment of comments)
YouTube – Subscriptions, likes, comments

On 4 September, the Ministry of Education (MOE) released a short film showing the huge difference a dedicated teacher can make to a student.

Currently, after just over two weeks into the video’s release, it has boasted 3000 shares, 700 thousand views, and 8000 reactions to the post (the top 3 are “like”, “love” and “sad”).


As our social media campaign aims to effect attitude and possibly even behavioural change, looking at the sentiments of comments (i.e. Facebook emoticons) can be one useful metric in measuring measure attitudes of the target audience.

Leveraging on YouTube, we also hope to create web series that convey our campaign key messages. Through collaboration with popular influencers such as Tree Potatoes and Night Owl Cinematics, we hope to tap onto the extensive influence they have to expand our audience base.

noc  treepotatoes

For instance, Central Provident Fund (CPF) recently collaborated with popular YouTube channel Tree Potatoes to come up with a web-series called “Are you cleverer than a typical Singaporean?”, which educates Singaporeans on financial literacy. As our group’s proposed organisation is the Workforce Development Agency (WDA), a web series collaboration would be a possible strategy as mentioned above.

Collaboration between CPF and Tree Potatoes

As with all social media campaigns, there is a risk of low levels of social media engagement. Therefore, it is pivotal to set aside a budget for advertising as well as implementing a set of metrics apt in measuring the effectiveness of our campaign.

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