The past 12 weeks of NM4881A have exposed us to various aspects of social media. Social media has infiltrated our daily lives so much that it is almost impossible to do without it, which can be good or bad depending on how we leverage this new-found technology.

The benefits that social media offers are aplenty. A single post on Facebook can lead to social change by encouraging collective action and engagement. This can be seen from pages that engage in meaningful causes, like HONY and PETA.


Social media also can be used to enhance learning in school by allowing students to collaborate and produce work collectively. Think about it, this very blog that we are posting on as part of our class assessment is considered social media too!

With the good comes the bad. Nothing posted online can be ever private, even if we set our privacy settings to “private”. There is no guarantee that they can never be intercepted and exploited against our wishes.


Moreover, the phenomenon of oversharing is rising, which could be due to people becoming more and more accustomed to using social media. Revealing seemingly simple information can put users in undesirable situations – one couple had their home broken into after they updated on Facebook that they were going to attend a concert (Sileo Group, 2014). Juxtapose that with those who brag about their crimes online and and get themselves arrested sooner. This was what happened to Raderius Glenn Collins, Marcus Terrell Parker, who went live on Facebook holding stacks of money after their alleged burglaries (Mazza, 2016). Ironic, isn’t it?

Oversharing can put users in precarious situations

As such, social media is the in thing right now, and is growing at an unprecedented rate. We are now more aware of the plethora of possibilities that social media can offer us, and also the accompanying downsides. Should we embrace or boycott it? One thing for sure – social media is here to stay.

Here we are, at the final blog post for NM4881A. It has been a fulfilling journey so far and we have certainly learnt a lot of valuable lessons from this module! Here’s the photo we took last week after our final group presentation. Till then!



Image 1

Image 2×328.jpg

Mazza, E. (2016). Dummies Arrested After Bragging About Alleged Burglary On … Retrieved November 6, 2016, from

Sileo Group. (2014). Facebook Status Update Leads to Robbery. Retrieved November 6, 2016, from


Should we embrace or boycott social media?

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